07/09/2017 – “Ourselves Alone” Council Chairman does not have the confidence of many

Update to 28/07/2017 – Council Walk-out over McCann Enniskillen Bomb comments.

Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services at Lisnaskea-based South East Fermanagh Foundation stated: “The collective decision taken by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council not to support a “no confidence” motion in its’ SF/PIRA Chairman Stephen McCann has not come as a surprise to the innocent victims and survivors of terrorism”.

“In the immediate aftermath of the interview given by Mr McCann our organisation (which represents direct victims of the Enniskillen Poppy Day Bomb massacre and also those whose loved ones were stolen as a result of the activities of PROVO serial killer Seamus McElwaine) expressed its’ revulsion at the comments made. But we also prefaced our remarks with the acknowledgement that it wouldn’t have mattered which representative of the SF/PIRA Council team would be spoken to on those matters because each one of them would answer with the same delusional thinking”.

“Victims of survivors of PIRA terrorism in Fermanagh are not represented by the Chairman of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council – his civic responsibilities extend purely to his own ‘ourselves alone’ base. We had written to The Local Government Commissioner for Standards to raise concerns expressed to us by those families and individuals most directly impacted by his ignorant, callous and revisionist remarks. We await their formal response to the concerns we have raised”.

“Those murdered as a consequence of terrorism can never be brought back – that is a painful reality their surviving families must face but it is beyond contempt for supposed democratically elected politicians to taunt them with such bile, and what’s more the rest of the community who haven’t been directly impacted by terrorism need to start caring also, avoiding victim’s and survivor’s legitimate hurts and crossing on the other side is not a moral or sustainable response,” concluded Mr Donaldson.

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