09/09/2017 – Tom Oliver’s murder does matter

Kenny Donaldson, Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “Gerry Adams has once again demonstrated his blatant disregard for the rule of law. To suggest that the pursuance of those who murdered Tom Oliver would be “totally and absolutely counterproductive” intimates that perhaps Mr Adams is in possession of knowledge as to who his murderers are”.

“Is it once again a case Mr Adams of protecting the firm at all costs? Does the ‘ourselves alone’ mantra forever prevail? That the PROVOS alone are entitled to be beyond reproach and accountability for their criminal actions? That you and colleagues are content enough for non PROVO Republicans to be pursued and prosecuted (such as Gerry McGeough and Seamus Kearney) and those bad Brits and Loyalists but not your ‘soldiers?’

“We don’t live in the world of the PROVO green book and constitution, Mr Adams and his Deputies and MLA’s in Northern Ireland have committed themselves in words to the legitimate law of both jurisdictions, actions must now follow and Mr Adams must begin by apologising for his latest callous remarks to a family robbed of their loved one. He must then commit unequivocally to provide assitance to the reopened case”.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Oliver family at this time and all are innocents still denied Justice, Truth and Accountability,” concluded Mr Donaldson.