12/09/2017 – Totally inappropriate to legalise RHC

Kenny Donaldson, Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “As a group which represents innocent victims and survivors of terrorism and ‘other Troubles related criminal violence’ our first concern is with the innocents and their families whose lives were stolen and/or damaged as a result of the terrorist and criminal actions of the RHC”.

“There are sentiments within the statement which are to be welcomed however the core request to have the organisation de-proscribed by the Government is not appropriate. The Red Hand Commando complete with the UVF carried out murder and other acts of terrorism and criminality within this Society, they did so upon their neighbours and their motivation was certainly never for God and we question what benefit if ever had to Ulster either”.

“For God and Ulster” is the mantra which belongs to the border people of this land, those who refused to bring to their neighbour’s door that which had been brought to theirs’, it is not the property of a terrorist organisation who now seek political absolution for their crimes”.

“In previous political agreements, the main proscribed organisations committed to disappearing, of going out of business and of ceasing all forms of terror and criminality, this is what they must do and their personnel must continue (or begin in some cases) the journey of restitution, doing what they can to put back into this Society. We do not believe that the terror names IRA, UVF/RHC, INLA, UDA etc should ever become legalised, they must be remembered in history for what they were – organisations of oppression with ideologies which encouraged and indeed demanded one neighbour to murder another”.