14/09/2017 – A dereliction of duty and responsibility

Kenny Donaldson, Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “The UK Government’s dismissive response to the NIAC Report into Gaddafi/PIRA terrorism and the issue of compensation for innocent victims as relayed today typifies the approach of the UK Government on these issues – innocent victims are nothing more than collateral damage”.

“The UK Government stands alone in its’s dereliction of duty to its’ own citizens who have been so grievously impacted by Gaddafi-sponsored PIRA terrorism. Other Nation States (including Germany and the U.S) have not treated their innocents with such contempt.”.

“Effectively what the UK State are saying is: we’re prepared to keep providing tea and biccies and offer patronising sympathy but when it comes to standing by victim’s rights and unashamedly pursuing their legitimate grievances, we are opting out”.

“This position is the position of cowardice and is both politically and morally indefensible”.

“The UK Government repeatedly pushes its’ chest out when terror attacks happen, there is the pomp and ceremony, there are the strong and well crafted words of repudiation of that terrorism and violence at the time but what happens after for those left devastated? The answer is .. very little”.

Mr Donaldson added: “As things stand the UK Government has also treated The Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee with utter disdain, their detailed Inquiry and the resultant report has been consigned to the dustbin”.

“The UK Government believes that the problem will just go away when the first generation of innocent victims of terrorism die, how callous a position is this to adopt? The Prime Minister has a duty to lead. On the matter of terrorism, there is no leading being done, the UK is a soft touch for terrorism and to compound that fact, the UK Government treats its’ innocent victims as pariahs”.

“Innocent victims and survivors of Gadaffi-sponsored PIRA terrorism are today contacting our office and are asking the question; where does the DUP stand on this? Was this issue not part of their understanding with the Tories? Had they prior knowledge of the Government’s position or are they also blindsided by today’s response by the Government?”

“Today we also received an Invitation via email (as will others) from The FCOs’ Libyan Reconciliation Unit and Alister Burt, (Minister for the Middle East and North Africa) inviting us to attend a meeting to discuss the “latest developments in Libya and the Government’s response to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee report”. Unless the UK Government is prepared to proactively advocate on behalf of its’ own citizens and their legitimate claims, what’s the point of a further talking shop?” concluded Mr Donaldson.