17/05/2016 – RoI Accuses UK of Collusion

Kenny Donaldson, Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “We support the Dublin and Monaghan families in their quest to secure justice, truth and accountability in the same way as all other innocent victims of terrorism. Dublin-Monaghan was an unjustifiable act of terrorism. The RoI State in committing to the action of supporting an International Judge to access British held files on Dublin-Monaghan must now step up and deal with unanswered questions that only they can answer”.

“If appointed, this International Judge should also examine the Irish cabinet’s role in splitting PIRA off from OIRA through the procuring of weaponry, provision of finance and training. This Judge must also examine a plethora of cases in South Armagh, Castlederg and South and West Fermanagh where there is a raft of intelligence in existence which links collaborators working within the Irish Defence Forces with the Provisional IRA”.

“We expect to now hear the UK Government make this case on behalf of the border communities of Northern Ireland who bore the brunt of collaboration and inept security and extradition  policies which actively facilitated the scourge of terrorism to grow like a cancer”.

“Enough is enough – innocent victims of collaborative terrorism committed by PIRA with the assistance of individual members of the Irish Defence Forces aswell as former members of that State’s Government must be held account,” concluded Mr Donaldson.