11/05/2016 – Libya response comments

Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services at SEFF commented: “We committed to the families last September that we would inveil a plaque and personalised photo montage to honour their loved ones and that this would be erected in the Legion Hall. We are indebted to Enniskillen RBL who said yes without hesitation and who infact have been caring for the temporary remembrance display within the immediate grounds outside of the Legion Hall”.
“The plaque is ring unveiled three days prior to the 32nd anniversary since that cowardly IRA attack which claimed two lives instantly, a third five months later and condemned a fourth man to live with severe disabilities for the remainder of his life”.
“The Dedication service which takes place on Sunday 15th May will be a dignified event and will be invitation only. All four families will be represented and they will be actively participating in the Setvice whether through reading a passage of Scripture, sharing testimony or reciting Poetry”.
“We will be laying on a weekend of support for the families as they take another huge step in their journey of personal healing, we are privileged to be in a small assisting them with that journey,” concluded Mr Donaldson.

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