01/09/2017 – We commend Syrian Civil Defence (The White Helmets)

Kenny Donaldson, Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “Right has prevailed, our campaign in collaboration with individual innocent victims and survivors of terrorism has prevailed. To all those innocent victims and survivors of terrorism who spoke out and relayed their deep concerns when Martin McGuinness was first shortlisted for the Award, we commend you”.
“Let’s be clear; the winners of the Award The Syrian Defence (White Helmets) exist to save and preserve life, Martin McGuinness commanded a terrorist organisation that stole the lives of its’ neighbours Protestant, Roman Catholic and Dissenter”.
“And throughout his ‘political’ contribution in Sinn Fein  (including the latter period of his life when he was Deputy First Minister) Martin McGuinness never publicly acknowledged the illegitimacy and wrong of that terrorist campaign, rather he and his colleagues continued to engage in terrorism idolatry”.
“Irrespective of the grievances (real or perceived) felt by Martin McGuinness or others within this Society, there was never justification for the use of terrorism or criminal violence in the pursuance of or defence of a political objective”.
“We at IVU salute the genuine Peace efforts of the Syrian Civil Defence (White Helmets) they are worthy winners,” concluded Mr Donaldson.
See previous coverage on the issue:

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