23/05/2016 – Memorial for Douglas Carrothers

Speaking on behalf of the immediate Carrothers‘ family, SEFF’s Director of Services Kenny Donaldson stated: “A very significant anniversary took place on 17th May. It was 25 years since Douglas Carrothers was cowardly murdered by PIRA terrorists through an under-car booby trap bomb detonated outside his own home in Lisbellaw. The community to a greater or lesser degree rallies behind families at the point of anniversaries but for those families affected by terrorism, every day is an anniversary, every day is part of a life sentence with no early remission”.
“Nevertheless the family issue an Appeal at this juncture for the community to come forward to the PSNI with information relating to the identities of those involved in Douglas Carrothers murder. One man was convicted of his role in the atrocity back in 1993 but was released early under the terms of the Belfast Agreement. There remains several others who have yet to be brought to justice and some within the community is shielding those individuals from prosecution”.
“Douglas Carrothers was regarded as a devout Christian, a committed family man and an excellent Police Officer and his murder was totally reprehensible. Justice, truth and accountability remain elusive for the Carrothers‘ family but there are those within this community who can unlock those basic rights that must be granted the family. Such individuals must search their hearts and come forward with the necessary information,” concluded Mr Donaldson.