24/07/2017 – Adams’ Propaganda Challenged

Kenny Donaldson, SEFF’s Director of Services at SEFF stated:

“Gerry Adams is the epitome of historical rewrite of ‘The Troubles.’ For decades substantive sections of US society swallowed what Gerry Adams and others he commands within the Republican Movement said in respect of this place”.

“Mr Adams personifies the MOPE syndrome (Most Oppressed People Ever) yet if what he professes is actually analysed then anyone with an ability to side step the brainwashing will understand that the PROVOs campaign was never about equality or human rights, rather it was about trying to force the political unification of this Island, that has categorically failed – the PROVOS were militarily defeated”.

“But it is not enough for our organisation or others who never agreed with the use of terrorism and criminal violence to simply say this. Rather all who care about the soul of this Country have an obligation to take on the PROVO lying machine”.

“This week we will have four young women (3 of whom had Grandfathers and the other an Uncle) murdered at the hands of Gerry Adams’ PROVOs. These young women will be educating US Society but also many others across the World as to the truth of the ‘Northern Ireland Troubles.’ Violence was neither justified nor necessary, these young women alike so many others were denied the opportunity to know their loved ones. Their flesh and blood were murdered because of ethnic and sectarian hatred harboured by their own neighbours – those who denied them their very right to life”.

“The great and the good of US political and civic life would get more truth from our representatives in 5 minutes of exchanges than they would in a lifetime of listening to Mr Adams,” concluded Mr Donaldson.

Further comments, including those of Project Common Bond delegate Ellie Heenan, have been made in the Belfast Newsletter article “Don’t be fooled by Adams’ ‘peace’ visit, pleads teen” on 24/07/2017.