26/06/2017 – Legacy support – What’s not there will cause most debate

Kenny Donaldson, Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “The reference to legacy within the short document ‘UK Government financial support for Northern Ireland’ is particularly bland and limited. We certainly welcome and associate ourselves with the statement of support and recognition included for the role of the Police and Armed Services played over the years of ‘The Troubles.’ However we would have liked to have seen other key requirements for innocent victims and survivors of terrorism included up front and clearly”

“It may be the case that other agreements and understandings have been given which cannot be published at this stage but certainly we would expect progress and delivery on longstanding issues such as; definition of victim, compensation for the victims/survivors of Gaddaffi- Libyan sponsored PIRA terrorism, the reinstatement of War Pension for those Army widows who remarried, progress on the Pension for the seriously injured etc”.

“We do very much welcome resources being made available for the development of a Mental Health Trauma service (£10 million per year for the next 5 years) to deal with the legacy of terrorism and ‘Troubles’ related violence. We seek clarity on whether this is new monies above and beyond that which was previously committed to by the UK Government”.

“Over the coming days and weeks we will be speaking to both the DUP and Conservatives impressing upon those parties and others of the need to do the right thing – not because it is politically expedient to do so but because victims/survivors must finally see delivery upon their legitimate needs,” concluded Mr Donaldson.