26/06/2017 – Press Release, Border Trails

Director of Services within SEFF Kenny Donaldson explains:

South East Fermanagh Foundation (Known as SEFF) is an organisation based in Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh which was formed to support the interests of innocent victims and survivors of Terrorism and ‘other Troubles related criminal violence.’  The organisation will celebrate its’ 20th Anniversary next year and from humble beginnings now supports in excess of 1,000 individuals and their families who come from across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and further afield.
The organisation has a consistent line on terrorism and criminal violence and asserts that in the context of Northern Ireland and the period referred to as; ‘The Troubles’ that there was never justification for the taking of life or use of criminal violence in either the advancement of or defence of a so-called political objective.
The organisation has 10 core aims including; To represent and lobby on behalf of the innocent victims and survivors of terrorism and ‘other Troubles related violence’ in effecting positive change for such individuals around the areas of Truth, Justice, Acknowledgement and overall Service provision.
The development of Educational Border Trails is a response to this aim. County Fermanagh was and is not Belfast, Londonderry nor Mid-Ulster. There was no ‘War,’ there was no ‘Conflict’ in County Fermanagh. Rather what occurred was a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing which was motivated by ‘land grab’ and ugly sectarianism.

The purpose of the Trails is two-fold:

  1. To educate our young people, academics, clergy, politicians, reconciliation-based activists and all others of the specific nature of the criminal violence which occurred in County Fermanagh and the harrowing acts committed against the people of these borderlands who to date have not saw justice, truth and accountability served for what they went through – a pitiful 5% of murders committed in County Fermanagh by PIRA have been cleared.
  2. To respectfully honour and remember those who perished, whose lives were stolen – we remember the innocents whose basic human right to life was taken from them.

SEFF has had a longstanding Border Trial (South Fermanagh) which is the area where the organisation owes its’ roots. Chairman Eric Brown has been facilitating this Trial for many years with approximately 90-100 Coach groups having gone on the Trial at this point. The groups engaging have included; Peace groups, groups from the Republic of Ireland, US students, academics, clergy, media, community organisations, victim’s groups, Loyal Order connected groups and many others.

An 1 hour long DVD encapsulating footage from the four Trials along with a narrative intro has been prepared in recent months and will be made available to those interested in engaging with the Project.

For further information, please contact Kenny Donaldson (SEFF’s Director of Services) or Ken Funston (SEFF’s Advocacy Services Manger) on: 028 6772 3884 / 6772 2242, info@seff.org.uk (www.seff.org.uk) or follow us on Facebook SEFF Victim.