28/07/2017 – Council Walk-out over McCann Enniskillen Bomb comments

This article is a comment on the BBC News report “Council walk-out over McCann Enniskillen Bomb comments” from 28th July 2017.

Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services at Lisnaskea-based SEFF stated: “It’s one thing for Cllr’s to walk out of the chamber in protest at his continued refusal to retract his comments (and we endorse that action) but that can’t be it … If it is then it’s nothing more than a stunt”.

“Our organisation and very many others are clear Cllr McCann is not fit to occupy the office he resides.

“SF/PIRA continually spout lines about equality, social justice, respect and reconciliation. The reality is that none of these principles form the teachings they have received”.

“Pressure must continue to mount upon Cllr McCann who surely has breached the code connected with holding Council Chairmanship – a role requiring representation for all the people of the District. Cllr McCann and his colleagues must move beyond their ‘ourselves alone’ mantra”.

“Of course the Poppy Day Bomb should be condemned, it was an attack upon innocents respectfully mourning the dead of two real Wars. It was a cowardly and sectarian motivated attack upon innocence. Anyone unable to do so is in effect continuing to act as an apologist for that brutal act of inhumanity”.

“And equally Cllr McCann’s comments on Seamus McElwaine are stinking political revisionism. Because of Seamus McElwaine’s actions and those of his ‘comrades’ (some now in high places) our organisation has cause to exist”.

“Seamus McElwaine’s legacy is not one of being a peacemaker, rather he and others damaged and devastated families, he and others waged a self serving insurrection against neighbours who they viewed as having no right to inhabit this land – but let’s be clear, they have every right and these individual’s greatest retaliation was non-retaliation. They were damaged but never broken and their resilience inspires others,” concluded Mr Donaldson.