29/08/2017 – Never Forget the Innocent Victims

Kenny Donaldson, Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “The passing of Sean OCallaghan will bring a variety of responses – first we acknowledge the paina nd grief of his family, PROVOS and many other Republicans will rejoice because they hated him, in PROVO law, informing was viewed as the deepest form of treason”.

“Many from a broadly unionist background never fully trusted him or his proclaimed conversion and saw him through eyes of cynicism – that he was used as an example of the Republican Movement’s remorse for the past and the opportunity for a new way forward – via The Belfast Agreement. If his remorse was genuine then he has been proven to have been more so the exception and certainly not the rule”.

“And there are others still who will speak favourably of Sean OCallaghan and his latter life commitment to expose the lies and evils of a Terror Movement to which he once gave his oath of allegiance”.

Mr Donaldson added: “For IVU our core concern is with the families of UDR Greenfinch soldier Eva Martin and Special Branch Detective Peter Flanagan who Sean OCallaghan himself admitted to having murdered. The reality is that neither Eva nor Peter can be brought back, their lives were stolen and their families were left broken and irreversibly changed”.

“Eva and Peter had no opportunity to live out their lives, that choice was taken away from them. Was Sean OCallaghan genuinely remorseful for the grievous harms he caused to their families and most probably many others? Did he repent for his crimes and sins and did he publicly and privately seek to restitute for the wrongs he inflicted? Those are all questions that only he and God our creator know the answer to”.

“Over the coming days many journalists, pundits, politicians and others will express their view on Sean OCallaghan – in all that commentary please do not forget Sean OCallaghan‘s victims – the innocents who are the real heroes and martyrs within this Society,” concluded Mr Donaldson.

Ruth Dudley’s response: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/news-analysis/ruth-dudley-edwards-how-my-dear-friend-sean-ocallaghan-showed-the-true-meaning-of-redemption-36074342.html