5/03/2016 – European Innocent Victims of Terrorism Conference challenges the status quo

Reflecting on the Seminar Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services at South East Fermanagh Foundation stated: “We were greatly encouraged by the contributions yesterday from the innocent victims and survivors of terrorism, many felt empowered to speak out and articulate their needs to politicians and other policymakers”.

“The presence of the Spanish contingent really added value to the Programme. The spoken language may be different in Spain to the spoken language in the UK/R.O.I however the language of innocent victims of terrorism is an exact read across. Going forward from yesterday’s Seminar, SEFF will be deepening its’ relationships with those supporting the innocent victims and survivors of terrorism across N.I, R.O.I, GB, Mainland Europe and beyond – we are committed to building a pan alliance of groups and individuals whom are committed to challenging terrorist dogma, in whatever form it presents itself”.

“The dignity and humility of those in attendance yesterday was awe inspiring, it is the innocent victims and survivors of terrorism who are the heroes and martyrs – not the terrorists who went out to extinguish the life of their fellow neighbours.”

“We were pleased to have along The Chief Constable, Victims Commissioner, several respected academics (who don’t have an inbuilt ideological bias) Church leaders, Jim Nicholson MEP and Diane Dodds MEP, Emma Pengelly (Junior Minster responsible for Victim’s issues) Bertha McDougall (VSS Management Board member) The Chief Superintendent of Dundalk Garda Station and Ruari de Burca, Joint Secretary of The British-Irish Intergovernmental Secretariat but most importantly over a dozen GB and R.O.I-based innocent victims and survivors of terrorism who joined with dozens of locally based victims and survivors,” concluded Mr Donaldson.