8/7/2017 – Comments are not fitting of a supposed Civic leader for all

SEFF’s comments on the Impartial Reporter article from 8th July 2017 “Council Chairman Stephen McCann will not ‘go down the road of condemning’ the Enniskillen Bomb“.

Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services for Lisnaskea-based South East Fermanagh Foundation stated: “Stephen McCann’s comments represent further evidence that Sinn Fein/PIRA are unprepared to deal openly and generously with the terror and wrong they visited upon their neighbours”.

“The Enniskillen Poppy Day massacre (30 year Anniversary this year) was a brutal act of sectarian bloodshed. In this Country and moreover the wider Island there is both a spoken and unspoken value attached to remembering and respecting the dead, therefore on 8th November 1987 PIRA plummeted to even deeper depths of depravity in targeting an event where men, women and children were gathered to respectfully remember the War dead”.

“In Tullyhommon on that same day PIRA’s intent was also to cause mass murder. Had the bomb detonated then Enniskillen may well have been a footnote with the deaths of dozens of children on Parade within a range of youth organisations – again respectfully honouring the War dead”.

“Mr McCann’s utterances on Seamus McElwaine are political revisionism in its’ most stark form. To suggest that it was the contribution of people like Seamus McElwaine who have made it possible for him to now sit as Chairman of Fermamagh and Omagh District Council is worth examining”.

“Mr McCann’s terrorism idolatry of a man who along with a small team of others was responsible for upwards on 30 murders in the south Fermanagh area alone is beyond contempt. Mr McElwaine’s naked sectarianism alongside the policy of his employers to seek to ethnically cleanse the south Fermanagh border areas of the Protestant community is not something Mr McCann should be rejoicing in. Rather those who subscribed to that ideology should be restituting for the grievous wrongs perpetrated against their neighbours”.

“Sinn Fein/PIRA need to get real, they have no credibility to speak of ‘The Troubles’ in County Fermamagh. The statistics don’t lie in the case of the County – 91-92% of Troubles related deaths were as a consequence of PIRA terrorism, with a handful of cases involving loyalist terrorism (principally externals to the County) and a small number of cases involving individual members of the security forces who were for the most part convicted (and rightly so) of the crimes they committed. Mr McCann and his SF/PIRA colleagues need to start dealing with facts and cease insulting those whose lives they ravaged,” concluded Mr Donaldson.

UPDATED: 13/07/2017 – “Petition calls for new Council Chairman to be sacked” in the Impartial Reporter. If you wish to sign the petition click this link.