Call for equality around access to justice

Responding to comments made by Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill that Stormont could be reinstated,  Kenny Donaldson, Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “Funding for Legacy Inquests must not be freed up unless and until there are structures established which meaningfully address the access to justice deficit experienced by victims of terrorism”.

“There has been a dangerous piecemeal approach taken concerning investigation of legacy issues, the Coronial Inquest system is part of that problem and mist not be resourced in isolation of other justice pursuit mechanisms being introduced”.

“The vast majority of cases within the coronial inquest queue are cases against the State, whether terrorists killed whilst they were on ‘active service’ or cases where collusion and/or criminal actions are alleged”.

“We desire justice, truth and accountability for all innocents, irrespective of who it was that harmed them – republican or loyalist terrorists or individual members of the security forces. However what we will not tolerate is the creation of a SF/PIRA dominated narrative which seeks to diminish the actions and consequences of terrorism yet denigrate security forces as collectives”.

“The statistics are there to be seen where responsibility lies for ‘Troubles’ related deaths – 90% terrorist and 10% attributable to the State with a much smaller sub-section being criminal-based murder or unlawful killing,” concluded Mr Donaldson.