Legacy Consultation led by Northern Ireland Office – GB Seminars

  • Monday 9th  July 2018 – Leeds Town Hall, Albert Room
  • Tuesday 10th  July 2018 – The Peace Centre, Warrington
  • Wednesday 11th July 2018 – Palace of Westminster, Committee Room 8 (London)  (from 6.30pm – 9pm)

Meetings with exception of London meeting will commence at 7pm,

with refreshments provided from 6.30pm onwards.

Refreshments for the London event will follow in the Red Lion Pub, Westminster at 9.30pm

What will happen at the Consultation sessions?

A Northern Ireland Office official(s) will be present at a number of the Consultation events and will input to proceedings as well as participate in a Q & A session. SEFF’s Advocacy service team will also contribute along with individuals from the legal and academic spheres.

Link to the Consultation documents: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/addressing-the-legacy-of-northern-irelands-past

Personnel within SEFF’s Advocacy service team will be on hand to assist individual victims/survivors to submit personalised responses. Post the Consultation events listed above a template response will be devised by our Advocacy team which individuals can then personalise as they would feel appropriate.

If you have any queries at this stage then please contact any member of SEFF’s Advocacy support team directly:

  • Ken Funston (Service Manager) – 07834488635
  • Ann Travers (Support Worker) – 07860850003
  • Wendy Stewart (Support Worker) – 07860850008
  • Pete Murtagh (Support Worker) – 07860850004
  • Yasmin Wright (Great Britain Support Worker) – 07860850017

We continue to impress upon you the importance of engaging in this process, and that you, as an individual, or your group make a comprehensive response before the closing date of 10th September 2018.

Northern Ireland Office-led Legacy Consultation – SEFF/IVU

Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services for Lisnaskea-based South East Fermanagh Foundation and Spokesman for Innocent victims United stated: “SEFF and the wider Innocent Victims United organisation has campaigned for effective legacy structures to be implemented for many years which would respond to the needs of innocent victims/survivors of terrorism and other ‘Troubles related criminal violence.’

“SEFF and more broadly IVU  are determined that the constituency of victims/survivors whom we serve will be represented over this Consultation period and beyond”, and this includes victims/survivors based throughout Great Britain who have often been overlooked by policy initiatives concerning victims/survivors impacted by The Northern Ireland Troubles”.

“There are huge numbers of people across Great Britain who have been directly impacted by the terrorist campaign whether ex service personnel and their families or members of the civilian population, their voices and needs must be heard and acted upon”.

“Victims and survivors should not be discriminated on the basis of where they happen to live, they should have equality of access to support services and other interventions, including reparation packages. It is essential that whatever flows post the Consultation is available to victims/survivors irrespective of their postcode”.

“The Northern Ireland Office proposals contain structures which Government claims will advance the justice, truth and accountability needs of individual victims and survivors. At early dissection there we have uncovered a number of fundamental flaws which must be redressed by Government; it is absolutely unsustainable to suggest that only those cases yet to be reviewed by the HET will have access to an HIU Investigation, this flies in this face of all Equality measures and must be rectified. The lack of focus upon the seriously injured is also a glaring omission and we will be putting forward our proposals over the Consultation period in adequately addressing this area of need”.

“We are also clear that any suite of institutions legislated for must be fair and balanced and guarantee innocent victims/survivors of terrorism equitable opportunity to have advancements made in their case; whether through pursuance of justice or truth,” concluded Mr Donaldson.

In Great Britain the three seminars will be delivered by SEFF in partnership and with support from the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace (Warrington)