Now is a time for leadership and also humility – IVU

The largest consortium of victims groups operatijg across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain has called for political parties in Northern Ireland to “de-politicise victims’ issues” as well as “demonstrate humility” for current and past mistakes made.

In a statement, Kenny Donaldson Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “The deadline for responses to be made to the NIO Legacy proposals was Friday last, in the days leading up to the deadline and since then there has been an intensification of acrimony between local political parties around the issues”.

“Whilst many will view this as part of the rough and tumble of politics we appeal for leadership to be shown by all concerned. The reality is that no political party based in these islands has a clean record concerning the treatment of innocent victims for two decades plus”.

“The political parties must step back and understand that the narrative and soul of our Country is not something which should ever be dealt with recklessly”.

“Innocents victims and survivors of terrorism require politicians to be responsible, assess where we have reached and collectively work together to end the empowerment of terrorism. This means being able to acknowledge previous wrong decisions made, whether in recent history or at the point of and/or since the signing of The Belfast Agreement”.

“There is not support for the current composition of the legacy proposals, that is without question and whether Republicanism claims a win in terms of the numbers game of submissions returned is irrelevant”.

“The reality is that the majority of innocent victims/survivors of terrorism (and particularly victims/survivors of The Provisional Republican Movement) don’t endorse what is on offer and neither political unionism, the U.K. Government or anyone else should feel arrogant enough to proceed against this backdrop,” concluded Mr Donaldson.