Research and Publications


SEFF and the AfIV Project are working on a number of research projects to help lobby on Truth, Justice and Accountability issues and to educate the general public about the issues faced by the Innocent Victims and Survivors of Terrorism.

  • The Troubles in County Fermanagh – An Historical Overview
  • Displaced Families in the Border Regions (On-going)

Border Trails

SEFF’s research into the Troubles in County Fermanagh has lead to the creation of the “SEFF Border Trails”. These Trails are educational tours given by local guides providing the stories from each region and showing the real effects of Terrorism on local families and individuals. Each Trail is based on the testimonies found in SEFF’s publications, local newspaper articles and other secondary historical sources (such as Lost Lives: The stories of men, women and children who died as a result of the Northern Ireland Troubles and The Sutton Index).

If you are interested in going on a Border Trail please contact the SEFF Office on (028) 6772 2242 or email


SEFF has produced a number of publications and DVDs containing the testimonies of direct victims of terrorism. All publications are available directly from the SEFF Offices.

  • “I’ll Never Forget”: Innocent Victims and Survivors of Terrorism Recall their Experiences
    • Collected Testimonies from County Fermanagh and South Tyrone.
  • “For God and Ulster”:  The vow of those who rejected violence
    • Collected Testimonies of those who served with the RUC, UDR and British Army in Northern Ireland and the loved ones they left behind.
  • “Terrorism Knows No Borders”
    • Collected Testimonies of the Innocent Victims of Troubles-related terrorism from Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

We also have a number of publications relating to our two Memorial Quilts:

  • “Your Legacy Lives On…”
    • A Booklet detailing the history of each patch on SEFF’s Memorial Quilt and showing the lives of those murdered by terrorists.
  • “Terrorism Knows NO Borders”
    • A Booklet detailing the history of each patch on SEFF’s “Terrorism Knows NO Borders”.