Response to Barry McElduff’s Resignation – IVU

Kenny Donaldson, Spokesman for Innocent Victims United stated: “Ultimately the right decision has been taken that Barry McElduff would resign, it is regrettable that it took 10 days for this to happen and for the Kingsmills families to have to go through what they have gone through. Painful sores have been re-opened and exposed “.

“Sinn Fein have issued statements in recent days including through Mr McElduff which on the face of it, represents new language in respect of the Kingsmills atrocity. Words are helpful but critically people (particularly victims of terrorism) will judge the Party and Republican Movement through their actions”.

“The Provisional Movement have many more steps to take in respect of Kingsmills but in all cases where the Provisional IRA harmed the community and individuals, Protestant, Roman Catholic and Dissenter”.

“We call in unison with the families for The Provisional Movement to once and for all acknowledge that Kingsmills was a sanctioned attack committed by PIRA members, there is a need for an apology for the damage caused to families and individuals, both through the act of terror itself but also in the subsequent 42 years where the Republican Movement, its’ personnel and supporters have continued to shield the Truth from those left devastated”.

Mr Donaldson added: “Good can yet come from the last fortnight, we repeat our call for a formal acknowledgement from the Provisional Movement and all terrorist organisations and also the two Nation States – UK and Republic of Ireland. The thrust of the acknowledgement would be as follows; ‘We accept that no grievance, enmity or political objective justified the use of criminal violence in what became known as; The Northern Ireland Troubles”.

“If this foundation stone was in place then there is the potential to meaningfully deal with the legacy of the past as well as smash the justification for future violence. Let’s be clear violence and civil strife stymied this place and its’ people for generations, isn’t it time that people were given something better?” concluded Mr Donaldson.