CLASP – Connecting Lives and Supporting People Project


The CLASP Project is a Health and Wellbeing service available to members of our four partner groups (SEFF, SAETWS, MUVE and Out of the Shadows). This service is offered to innocent victims and survivors of ‘the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

Our members can engage with a Caseworker to discuss their Health and Wellbeing related needs. Our caseworkers can help you to identify services and support relevant to your needs and assist you to access them.

Complex needs may be identified across six frameworks supported by the Victims and Survivors Service in Northern Ireland. These are Persistent Pain, Education and Training, Disability Aids, Trauma Focused Physical Activity, Psychological Therapies, and Volunteering.

For enquires about our Health and Wellbeing service please email

The CLASP Team:

Western Trust Caseworker: Martina Virtue ( Mobile: 07860 850014

Southern Trust Caseworker: Doreen Mullan ( Mobile: 07860 850015