Complementary Therapies

SEFF offers a broad range of Complementary Therapy options including; Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Acupuncture. These therapies have been found to bring physical and emotional relief to those availing of the support.

SEFF has also been the lead partner in a groundbreaking piece of research which has sought to explore the experience of victims/survivors who have received Complementary Therapies. The Research has been published and will soon be launched. We plan to post the Research on our website post formal launch.

SEFF believes that complementary therapies are often the ‘gateway service’ via which victims/survivors engage with victims/survivor organisations. CT recipients often disclose information over the course of their treatment cycle which enables organisations to then provide other support mechanisms e.g. counselling, befriending, welfare/benefits advice or indeed; onward referral.

It is our contention that the merits of complementary therapies cannot and should not be judged in isolation from other core services.

Historically it was SEFF’s experience that females were more willing to avail of CT services however in recent years, males have engaged and are now seeing the merits of receiving such support.

We were and continue to be acutely aware of the lack of academic evidential argument to illustrate to funders and more especially Government that complementary therapies play a vital role in the overall holistic response to the physical and psychological needs of victims and survivors. It is our considered view that the Research (which we were lead partner of) will help educate key stakeholders as to the benefits of these services but moreso; what is required to improve professionalism further, in-so-doing providing the very best service for Victims/Survivors of the ‘Troubles.’