The psychological impact of traumatic events can lead to those directly affected being compromised in their capacity to live their lives effectively, to fulfil their potential and to contribute in a meaningful way to family and community life.  Family members also experience the consequences of these traumatic events indirectly making it difficult to deal with problems in a healthy way.  This can be compounded by the strain of living in a rural setting.

Aims of the Service

Part of the therapeutic task is to work with clients to improve their emotional and psychological well being and to bring about therapeutic change, thus enabling them to live in a more fulfilling way.


Clients presented with a range of issues including dysfunctional family relationships, depressive symptoms, post traumatic stress, issues of self-esteem and lack of confidence, bereavement issues, both current and pathological and sectarian intimidation.

Outcomes to Date

While the counselling service has been established relatively recently, uptake has been good, with a high level of commitment on the part of the clients which is reflected in the high attendance rates.

Positive outcomes to date include clients reporting that they have benefited from the service in the following ways:  feeling stronger, experiencing a reduced sense of isolation in dealing with issues, improved understanding of their own reactions and feelings leading to a greater sense of control of life, increased ability to take action, strengthened self-management skills and gained a clearer sense of life direction, feeling less depressed and more able to cope.  Clients who have completed their counselling reported that they valued the service experience.