The SWITCH Project

SEFF’s Welfare Information and Community Health Project (SWITCH) aims:

  1. To provide a professional welfare and benefits support service which contributes positively to the financial well-being of victims and survivors.
  2. To empower victims and survivors to take control of their own financial circumstances.
  3. To provide front line welfare-based advice (ie the completion of Social Security benefit forms, War Pension documentation etc)
  4. To offer an Appeals support service for those who require to challenge decisions.

Any member that requires support or help with completing DHSS forms such as PIP, which replaces DLA (Personal Independence Payment) ESA (Employment Support Allowance), or any other forms, SEFF is available to assist with this service. SEFF can also support those requiring support at Tribunals should they get refused for a social security benefit/war pension. There is also a referral process for complex problems to other agencies when appropriate. If you are a member of SEFF and would like a benefits check to make sure you are getting the right entitlements please contact the office to arrange an appointment. This service is free and be reassured is also confidential as no information is passed on without a member’s permission.

For more information please download our flyer.

Please contact the Main Office on (028) 6772 3884 for more information or to book an appointment.