Welcoming the New Advocacy for Innocent Victims Team

Advocates 1.jpg
The New Advocacy for Innocent Victims (AfIV) Team. From left to right: Ann Travers (Support worker Mid-Ulster Region with outreach into RoI cases)
Wendy Stewart (Support worker Fermanagh/West Region with outreach into RoI cases)
Rev Alan Irwin (Chair of SEFF’s Advocacy Service Oversight committee)
Ken Fusnton (Advocacy Service Manager)
Peter Murtagh (Support worker with Greater Belfast and South Down Region)

Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services at Lisnaskea-based South East Fermanagh Foundation explains the role of SEFF’s Advocacy Service – AfIV Project (Advocacy for Innocent Victims)

Mr Donaldson stated: “SEFF has secured well in excess of £1million for the next 4 year period from Peace IV administered via The Victims and Survivors Service to provide an Advocacy support service to families and individuals who are the innocent victims and survivors of Terrorism and ‘other Troubles related criminal violence.’

“The service will support those who seek justice, truth and accountability for crimes committed over the years of ‘The Troubles.’ The Service will have a remit to support victims/survivors across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Great Britain”.

“In Ken Funston, Ann Travers, Peter Murtagh and Wendy Stewart we have assembled an excellent team who together will provide support to a constituency of victims/survivors who have not previously been supported in this way”.

“SEFF will work with individual victims/survivors with the overall objective being; supporting families and individuals to reach a point where they are able to live life as opposed to merely existing”.

“In August we hope to have in place a Support worker who will be based in central London in office base we have acquired. This development is significant for two reasons, we wish to ensure that GB-based victims/survivors have equality of access to Advocacy services and it is also essential that we have a presence at the heart of decision making for our Nation, we must bring the message of innocent victims/survivors of terrorism directly to our National policymakers and opinion formers”.

“SEFF stands against the attempted rewrite of our history and through this service and other initiatives within the organisation we will be doing our best to ensure that right prevails, those who seek to diminish the activities and legacy of terrorism will not succeed,” concluded Mr Donaldson.